About Us

JAMMED is a deadpan comic tale about the hazards of judging others by their appearances and the impossibility of recapturing the past. It is the first narrative feature from Runaway Bandit Films. Yedidya Gorsetman and Josh Itzkowitz cofounded Runaway Bandit, where they have been producing commercials and other short form media. They love telling stories and are big believers in independent film.  



The Epic Concept is the jam band to watch, and Rachel, an inexperienced filmmaker, wants to document their rise to stardom. She attends a 3 day jam band festival, bringing her buttoned-up boyfriend Evan along to run sound.

When Rachel's camera and equipment goes missing, Rachel tries to make the most of their weekend and enjoy all the music--and recreational drugs--the festival has to offer. Meanwhile Evan is on a mission to infiltrate the jam band scene he despises and find the missing camera.

Complicating things is the presence of Rachel's ex-boyfriend, Mike, a non-stop party animal bent on winning her back.